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Vides. Une rétrospective

Centre Georges Pompidou - Musée national d'art moderne, Paris, France
25 February 2009 - 23 March 2009
With "Vides, une rétrospective", a first in a museum of modern art, the Center Pompidou offers to discover an essential page in the history of art. After Yves Klein's exhibition in 1958 at the Iris Clert Gallery in Paris, the void has become a recurring theme in artistic creation. The chronological journey brings together nine empty exhibitions updated, from that of the Art & Language group in 1966 to the proposal of Roman Ondák in 2006, through the project of Robert Barry in 1970.

Commissioners: Mathieu Copeland, Laurent Le Bon (Center Pompidou-Metz), Philippe Pirotte (Kunsthalle Bern)
145 / 214
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