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A Pied d'oeuvre(s)

Monnaie de Paris, Paris, France
31 March 2017 - 9 July 2017
"A PIED D'OEUVRE (S)" deals with the history of sculpture that was previously written vertically: erected, masculine or even phallic. It highlights the essential break that constitutes the affirmation of the transition from verticality to horizontality: it explores the recumbent body, attaches itself to raw materials, links the poor and the immaterial through experiences, moments of the history of art and decisive proposals. 

"A PIED D'OEUVRE (S)" brings together a collection of major works from the Center Pompidou's collections, including Ci-gît l'Espace [Here Lies Space], (RP 3), 1960
51 / 214
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