FOCUS - Yves Klein & James Turrell

Levy Gorvy Gallery Londres, London, England
1 June 2018 - 7 July 2018
On 1 June Lévy Gorvy will debut FOCUS: Yves Klein | James Turrell, the inaugural exhibition of the gallery’s new FOCUS series, which encourages prolonged contemplation of landmark works. These intimate presentations at the gallery’s newly remodelled London location will highlight works by artists rooted in Lévy Gorvy’s programme alongside ancillary work by the artist or by an artist engaging resonant themes or forms. 

On view through 6 July, FOCUS: Yves Klein | James Turrell is a two-room presentation that brings into dialogue seminal immersive works by each artist: Klein’s installation Pigment pur bleu (1957/2018) and Turrell’s projection Orca, Blue-Red (1968). Together, these monumental projects initiate a negotiation of space and perception.
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