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Yves Klein: By The Book

Gagosian Gallery Paris, Paris, France
12 October 2018 - 22 December 2018
As a tribute to Yves Klein to celebrate what would have been his ninetieth birthday, Gagosian Shop, Paris, presents Yves Klein: By the Book.
The shop takeover will include rare books and ephemera. In various ways these printed works, such as "Dimanche 27 novembre 1960 - Le journal d’un seul jour" (1960) and "Les Fondements du Judo" (1954), helped Klein to articulate his ideas to a broader audience.
Will also be presented a "Triptyque de Krefeld" (1961) as well as the LP of "La Conférence à la Sorbonne" 1959 (1962), both rare and noteworthy. Photographs by René Burri and Pierre Boulat will also be on view, the former showing Yves Klein at work in his studio and the latter documenting the opening of the 1961 exhibition Yves Klein: Monochrome und Feuer, Museum Haus Lange, Krefeld, Germany. Significant new and out-of-print monographs and exhibition catalogues will also be available.
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