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Boom! Bam! Playing with Masterpieces: from Henri Matisse to Marina Abramovic

The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, Moscow, Russia
13 February 2019 - 12 May 2019
Featuring 20-21st century modernist masterpieces, the exhibition encourages visitors to explore their emotional response to various forms and genres, from cubism to video art, rather than focus on factual information and previous knowledge. The display includes objects of contrasting styles, different periods, and clashing schools, presenting them in an unconventional manner, which does not follow traditional display regulations, hanging schemes, or explications. The idea of artistic versatility and perpetual conversation, instigated by art, forms the conceptual core of this project.

The display framework features renowned modernist masterpieces, created by influential 20-21st century artists, such as Kazimir Malevich, Francis Bacon, Yves klein, Roy Lichtenstein, Viktor Pivovarov, Natalia Goncharova, Marina Abramović, Alberto Giacometti, Bridget Riley, Anselm Kiefer, and Niko Pirosmani. The convergence of forms – painting, photograph, sculpture, installation, video art, experimental animation – is incorporated into a winding, labyrinthine space, prompting visitors to climb stairs, peek around corners, or steal a glance behind curtains to start a private conversation with certain objects. This concept represents the metaphor of art perception: unveiling visuality through physical interaction, stepping out of the boundaries, and reaching out to grasp the idea.

At this occasion, the artwork "Pink Sponge Relief" (RE 8) will be displayed.
8 / 214
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