"I understand now the spiritual mark of these momentary states. I understand it through my monochromes; and the mark of the momentary states of the flesh, through in the imprints pulled from the bodies of my models.
(…) But the mark of the momentary states of nature?
(…) I leap outside and there I am on the riverbank amidst the bulrush and the reeds. I dust everything with pigments and the wind, which bends the delicate stems, comes to apply it with precision and delicacy upon my canvas that I thus present to the trembling nature: I obtain a vegetal mark. Then it begins to rain, a fine spring shower; I expose my canvas to the rain, and it is done. I have captured the mark of rain! The mark of an atmospheric occurence..."
Yves Klein, excerpt from « Truth becomes Reality », 1960

"A few months ago, for example, I felt the urge to register the signs of atmospheric behavior by recording on a canvas the instantaneous traces of spring showers, of south winds, and of lightning."
Yves Klein,  excerpt from the "Chelsea Hotel Manifesto", 1961
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