"And then, the gold! Those leaves literally fly away with the slightest movement of air and have to be caught in flight with a knife in one hand and the gilders cushion in the other. The leafs are delicately placed on the surface to be gilded, prepared with a base and moistened with gelatinous water before hand.
What material!
What better schooling with respect to pictorial matter! At last, the burnishing with agate stone, etc.
It was during this year at the SAVAGE studio that I perceived the illumination of matter as a profoundly physical quality."
Yves Klein, excerpt from "The Monochrome Adventure: the monochome epix", 1960 ca.
In 1949, Yves Klein works in London at Robert Savage, a framer with whom he acquires a solid experience in the delicate handling of gold leaf.
The Monogolds paintings that he made from 1959 brought gold among the elements that contributed to the development of his visible work.
For Yves Klein, gold is a symbol of spirituality common to all eras and cultures.

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