Relief Portrait of Claude Pascal (PR 3), 1962

  • Relief Portrait of Claude Pascal
    Dry pigment and synthetic resin on bronze mounted on panel covered with gold leaves
    69 1/2 x 37 x 10 1/2 inch
It was in 1947 that Yves Klein met Claude Pascal at the Nice judo club.

Claude Pascal reports their meeting as follows: "In 1947, facing the foolish sea where the old men of France and art are burning, we had our twenties, Yves Klein, Arman and me. We wore shirts smeared with bare hands and feet and fed on the gold and iron contained in the air. "

On the beach of Nice, the three friends choose to "share the world": to Arman returns the land and its riches, to Claude Pascal the air, and to Yves the sky and its infinity.
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