Yves Klein Air architecture

  • Yves Klein  Air architecture
    Hatje Cantz Verlag, Ostfildern, Germany, 2004
    ISBN : 978-3-7757-1407-5
Yves Klein, 18, and his friends were on the beach in Nice when they decided to divide the world between them. Klein (1928-1962) chose the air, the sky without clouds. His fascination for this element and his immateriality continues; In the late fifties, he developed with the German architect Werner Ruhnau humorous projects for "air architecture", air walls and aerial roofs. For example, in the idea of a "temple of the elements", with cafes, water games and fountains secured only by drafts of rain. With these ideas, Klein combined an optimistic philosophy, which wanted to create a new paradise, a garden of Eden, in which man should be free to dedicate his interests. This publication is the first to deal exclusively with this aspect of Yves Klein's work; It includes reproductions of drawings and other works as well as essays and speeches on the subject. A number of other articles highlight the importance of Kleins' work on the subject of immateriality.
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