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Yves Klein contre C. G. Jung

Ribettes, Jean-Michel
  • Yves Klein contre C. G. Jung
    La Lettre volée, Brussels, Belgium, 2003
    ISBN : 2-87317-196-0
This book is a response to Pierre Restany's Fire in the Heart of the Void (2002). To turn one's back on obscurantism, to deliver the monochrome painter from the esoteric tinsel where he has been buried for forty years, and to give him the benefit of a new life, is the point of departure. To contradict the obscure Jungian exegeses, the artist's own statements absolutely condemn occultism. With a constancy and a sincerity that do not suffer any ambiguity, his writings refuse obscurantism and sects, refute spiritualism, reject alchemy, reject nihilism. Far from the doxa and negativity that shield the meanings of his art, it is shown that Klein opts only for light, for sensuality, for the flesh.
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