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Yves Klein Fin de représentation

Pierre Musso
  • Yves Klein Fin de représentation
    Editions Manucius, Paris, France, 2010
    ISBN : 2845781091
If the importance of Yves Klein's artistic rupture (1928-1962) with his "blue revolution" is widely recognized, the interpretations of his approach are multiplying and are often lost in the meanders of psychology, religion , even obscurantism. While the project of the artist is enlightened if one wants to analyze well his fulgurating work and his multiple writings, and to include them in their reports to the history of the art.
This book defends a strong thesis, namely that the work of Yves Klein completes the deconstruction of the device of the representation and the perspective inherited from Quattrocento, a deconstruction begun with Impressionism. Yves Klein closes this criticism by immaterializing the painting, this "jail" of colors and this prison of sensibility. At the same time, he abandons the ternary structure (model / canvas / gaze) that supports the whole device of representation, in favor of a binary structure, that of the Void and of Life or of Nature and of the Subject. By radically ending the representation, Klein inaugurates the era of a-representation, of post-representation. He invites the construction of a new symbolic form in art, even beyond, and explores its many potentialities with the theater of the Void, the intangible or the architecture of air and fire.
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