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Yves Klein, Hugo et Compagnie

David Moquay
  • Yves Klein, Hugo et Compagnie
    YKA, Paris, France, 2009
    ISBN : 9782755608625
Yves Klein, in the arms of his father and mother, begins the story of his life. Son of artists, he starts with enormous possibilities, judo in Japan, travels and discovery in England, in Ireland. He is all about a happy young man who enjoys life with teeth, symbolized by jazz in Nice. Yet this frivolous life reveals his questions. Judo, for example, as a way of life, communicates with the forces of nature in such a way that the artist's experiments manifest a sensitivity to the cosmos of which the monochromes, scandalous, testify with regard to critics or spectators. "The world will be blue because I will paint it all in blue," he says, demiurgic. Showing in a youth album, the relation of the visible to the invisible, and this new sensibility starting from the first sensibility that is the empty space where the emptiness of which it is full, is a challenge that goes far beyond usual proposals in children's art books. To understand an artistic itinerary other than a biography and a succession of works is an interesting gamble. The documentary dimension is illuminated by a fresco which takes up the chronological elements of the album. However, the blue character with the rebel wick that hides an eye, and makes it cyplope, looks like a DIY store employee and even if we see the resemblance to some portraits of Yves Klein, we are not very convinced by this manga hero with garish colors. An interesting test but a little disappointing.
3 / 6
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