Yves Klein, Le peintre de l'infini

André Bonet
  • Yves Klein, Le peintre de l'infini
    Éditions du Rocher, Paris, France, 2006
    ISBN : 978-2268060279
"I sign my name on the back of the sky. I go to the other side of the sky. "Yves Klein
Despite having an artistic career of only eight years (from 1954 to 1962), Yves Klein is recognized as one of the most important protagonists of the post-war avant-garde. Coming from a family of painters, he turned first to the discipline of judo he practices from 1947 in Nice with Arman and Claude Pascal, then in Japan, Kodokan Tokyo. This practice of judo of which he becomes a master will forge the bases of the thought which will nourish his work and his "way of life", always intimately mixed. Like the teaching of the Rosicrucians; his devotion to Saint Rita; the reading of Bachelard and the attendance of innovative artists such as Arman and Jean Tinguely with whom he founded the group of New Realists, with the art critic Pierre Restany
After the immense impact of the 1983 exhibition, the Center Pompidou devotes to Yves Klein a new exhibition, from October 5, 2006 to February 5, 2007, Body, color, immaterial, made with the support of LVMH Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton.
Let André Bonet guide you through the extraordinary world of his book Yves Klein, the painter of the infinite. A stroll through life in Yves Monochrome, from birth to adolescence full of dreams of the absolute, to his life as an artist in the Paris of the 1950s, to this incredible leap into the void at Fontenay-aux -Roses, a true biblical parable of modern times.
Yves Klein (1928-1962) dies in Paris of a heart attack at the age of thirty-four and leaves a huge and dazzling career in the light of his blue monochromes.

President of the Mediterranean Center of Literature, secretary general of the Mediterranean and Spiritual Awards of today, André Bonet is the author of the Saint Curé of Ars and Saint Rita, with the editions of the Rock. Yves Klein, the painter of the infinite, is prefaced by Pierre Cornette of Saint Cyr, auctioneer recognized in Europe, as in Asia or the United States and in love with the work of Yves Klein.
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