Marie Raymond - Yves Klein

  • Marie Raymond - Yves Klein
    Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, Germany, 2006
    ISBN : 3938025832
In a previously unprecedented comparison, works by Yves Klein are first related to those of his mother. Particularly spectacular is the view of the work of Yves Klein's mother, Marie Raymond (1908-1972), unfortunately completely unknown in Germany. Above all, it is thanks to her artistic qualities that both mother and son exchange intensely and inspired each other. The book summarizes all the major creative phases of the two artists, starting with the children's drawings of the young Yves, the very successful at that time testimonies of fatherhood, which today has little relevance, and the stages of development in the work of Yves Klein, which within a short time Time increases and unimaginable vituosity is achieved. The publication was published on the occasion of the exhibition "Marie Raymond. Yves Klein "in the Ludwig Museum Koblenz, 2006.
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