Klein - Byars - Kapoor

  • Klein - Byars - Kapoor
    Cudemo Editore, Monaco, Monaco, 2012
    ISBN : 978-88-89182-34-5
Yves Klein, (Nice, 1928 - Paris, 1962), an extraordinary personality who has revolutionized the world of art, James Lee Byars (Detroit, 1932- Cairo, 1997), American artist and Anish Kapoor (Bombay, 1954 ), who, based in London since 1972, breathes new life into contemporary sculpture through his monumental installations such as Leviathan, made for Monumenta in 2011 at the Grand Palais in Paris, or the giant structure he is currently building for the London Olympic Games .

In a desire for total art, they offer, through installations or performances, sensitive and poetic experiences of the world where monochrome plays a primordial role. MAMAC will try to highlight the connections that intimately connect these three monuments of art by specific installations immersing the viewer in a chromatic field: the IKB for Yves Klein, the white for James Lee Byars and the red for Anish Kapoor. Colors, materials and sensations: the volatility and unappeasability of the pure pigment, the hardness and fineness of the marble, the viscosity, the smell and the softness of the wax. At the meeting of these three mythical personalities, adds a unique artistic and sensory proposal that will make this international event a must-see exhibition. This project will also travel to the magnificent ARoS Kunstmuseum in Aarhus, Denmark, in 2013. We therefore wish for a great homelessness to this remarkable initiative based on the permeability of experiences, skills and knowledge.
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