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Yves Klein into the blue

Nina Hollein
  • Yves Klein into the blue
    Hatje Cantz Verlag, Ostfildern, Germany, 2004
    ISBN : 978-3-7757-1515-7
Their burning interest in everything new makes children ideal, unbiased art viewers. A playful, deliberately unpopular introduction to the work of one of the founders of contemporary art offers the unusually designed children's book Yves Klein makes blue. An imaginative story, also suitable for reading aloud, illustrated with key works by the artist and accompanied by original photos and quotations. On the basis of Klein's unconventional works, children experience the diversity of creative possibilities, such as a canvas completely covered with gold leaf, bright blue sponges or the imprint of a woman painted on paint on paper. The story is told in bright colors and pictures by Nina Hollein, architect and mother of two children. A blue block of paint - embedded in the cover and hung on a bookmark - animated to try and implement. Painting, the children themselves explore what can become art. (
67 / 86
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