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Prisme - Quand le cristal Lalique rencontre l’art contemporain, 2018

Musée Lalique, Wingen-sur-Moder, France
27 Apr 2018 - 4 Nov 2018
  • Prisme - Quand le cristal Lalique rencontre l’art contemporain
Flagship of the French crystal manufacture, Lalique shines today at the international level. Among the axes of development, art publishing  occupies a special place. Since 2011, Lalique Art has been putting the exceptional know-how of their  craftsmen at the service of contemporary artists and designers. Games of light, transparency and color sublimate these creations, while outdoor artists bring both a new look and an original breath.

If the glass already aroused fascination at the dawn of time, since the end of the nineteenth century it has been increasingly considered as an artistic medium. René Lalique, avant-garde jeweler, has been very early seduced: The glass is the marvelous matter. (...) [He is] the incomparable plastic pretext in the hands of the ingenious artist and provides to his imagination and his talent a field of activities and discoveries almost limitless. The master glassmaker used the technique of lost wax, an ancient process also used to melt bronzes, to create objects of art, unique pieces or small series. These prestigious works, fascinating and rare, are today particularly sought after.

In keeping with the spirit of the Maison's creator, Lalique Art has returned to this sophisticated technique, while simultaneously using blowing and molding, to publish exceptional works. Thus, pieces of Yves Klein or Rembrandt Bugatti have found a new impetus by changing materiality. The lines of architects Zaha Hadid and Mario Botta gave life to vases and cups. The imagination of the visual artist Anish Kapoor has also fed on the magic of crystal. The painter Terry Rodgers reinterpreted the iconic vase Bacchantes, created by René Lalique in 1927. Damien Hirst, meanwhile, has designed a series of sculptures questioning the cycle of life.

From April 27 to November 4, 2018, the Lalique Museum will highlight the extraordinary works that come out of the encounter between the Lalique crystal and contemporary artists. Through the prism of these works, which are both singular and remarkable, the exhibition will give a glimpse of the world of their creators while highlighting the extraordinary know-how of Maison Lalique.EndFragment   
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