Ci-gît l'Espace [Here Lies Space] (RP 3), 1960

  • Ci-gît l'Espace [Here Lies Space]
    Dry pigment and synthetic resin on natural sponge, artificial flowers on panel covered with gold leaves
    125 x 100 x 10 inch
    Centre Georges Pompidou - Musée national d'art moderne, Paris, France
On this wooden panel presented horizontally, near the ground, gilded with the leaf, other leaves of gold, quivering, were posed. The blue sponge crown and the bouquet of fabric roses, a discreet tribute to Saint Rita but also the third term in the artist's trilogy of colors, sum up large sections of her work.

"At present, I am enthusiastically interested in the corny. I have the feeling that there exists in the very essence of bad taste a force capable of creating something far beyond what is traditionally termed art. I want to play with human sentimentality and morbidness in a cold and ferocious manner. Only very recently I have become a sort of undertaker (oddly enough, I am using the very terms of my enemies). Some of my latest works have been tombs and coffins."
Yves Klein, excerpt from « Chelsea Hotel Manifesto», 1961, Overcoming the problematics of Art -The writings of Yves Klein, Spring Publications, 2007, p. 196