Artwork, 1957

Tableau de Feu bleu d'une minute [One Minute Blue Fire Painting]

"One-minute painting of blue fire – Mounted on a studio easel, a blue-painted wooden panel upon which were attached a number of combustible tubes of blue Bengali fires, which left in the “readers” the sensation of an enhanced visual memory after the painting had consumed itself."
Yves Klein, excerpt from « Notes on Certain Works Exhibited at the Colette Allendy Gallery », 1957

Yves Klein lit sixteen Bengal lights on the evening of the opening of his exhibition "Propositions monochromes", May 14, 1957 at the gallery Colette Allendy.
Reference M 41
Technical Dry pigment and synthetic resin and flare burns on panel
Dimensions 110 x 74.8cm
Collection The Menil Collection