Sunday, November 27th, 1960 "The Newspaper of a Single Day"

"On Sunday, 27 November 1960, from midnight to midnight, I thus present a full day of festival, a true spectacle of the void, as a culminating point of my theories. However, any other day of the week could have been used.
(...) the field of operations of my proposed conception of theater is not only the city, Paris, but also the countryside, the desert, the mountains, even the sky, and even the entire universe. Why not?"
Yves Klein, excerpt from Sunday, November 27th, 1960, The Newspaper of a Single Day, 1960

This "diary" of four pages, printed by Combat and Press de France together, on the occasion of the third Festival of avant-garde Art organized by Jacques Polieri and Michel Ragon, is a pastiche of the real Journal du Sunday. Everything has been entirely conceived by the artist: titles, characters, layout. On Sunday, November 27, 1960, Yves Klein distributed in the Parisian kiosks the newspaper of a single day.

The artist takes this Sunday to present "an ultimate form of collective theater".

Technical Newsprint
Dimensions 55.5 x 38cm
Collection Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)