Artwork, 1961

Ex-voto dedicated to Santa Rita de Cascia by Yves Klein

Secret was the deposit, in 1961 of an ex-voto, addressed by Yves Klein to Saint Rita, at the monastery of Cascia where the relic of his body is preserved. This ex-voto was rediscovered fortuitously, several years after the death of the artist, which occurred in 1962. The damage caused by the 1979 earthquake had made a restoration necessary. The painter responsible for making it needed gold. The sisters of the convent brought him the box deposited anonymously and preserved with the other offerings. He recognized there a work of Yves Klein. It was authenticated in 1980 by Pierre Restany and Daniel Moquay who went there.
Technical Pure pigment, gold leaf, gold ingots and manuscript in plexiglass
Dimensions 14 x 21 x 3cm