• Yves Klein, le feu au cœur du vide

Book, 1990

Yves Klein, le feu au cœur du vide

Pierre Restany

Pierre Restany is one of the greatest French critics. Born in 1930, he was the first to support the new realists in 1960. An expert on the work of Yves Klein, he has just reviewed an old text from 1990 in order to complete it and to pursue certain questions then left unanswered. His words? To situate and question the place of fire in Yves Klein's work, be it in terms of ritual symbolism, mythical projection or artistic practice. From a careful study of the works but also of the artist's statements, Pierre Restany proposes here a reflection of a great intelligence in which intervene in turn the sun, the gold, the interventions of 1957. From this reading, we suddenly understand the complexity of the approach of an artist who liked to declare:

The emptiness has always been my main concern, and I am assured that in the heart of emptiness as well as in the heart of man there are fires burning.
--Damien Sausset
Editor La Différence
Lieu Paris, France
ISBN 9782729104573