• Marie Raymond - Yves Klein

Book, 2004

Marie Raymond - Yves Klein

Robert Fleck

"It seems obvious that we will not understand the extent of Yves Klein's adventure and his extraordinary explosive energy, if we are not also interested in the painting of Marie Raymond, his mother." Robert Fleck "The mother and the son drew a different party from the same general intuition.Today beyond life or death, success or silence, reality or myth, they meet in a Pierre Restany (1972) "Thus, as we can see, resistance to the avant-garde at the beginning of the century finds its equivalent in the resistance to new forms of artistic expression that emerge at the beginning of the century. end of the fifties and early sixties and, in this, the place of Yves Klein is central, because these forms are opposed to the dominant aesthetic, but especially to the abstract painting which is engaged his mother but also the majority of painters of the previous generation. Marie Raymond has intervened as a smuggler between the generations. "
Editor Expressions contemporaines
Lieu Angers, France
ISBN 9782909166148