• Yves Klein au-delà du bleu

Book, 2006

Yves Klein au-delà du bleu

Jacques Bouzerand

In front of the blue monochromes, the sculptures-sponges and other works of Yves Klein, it is easy to say that we would do as much. All that seems so simple! And yet ... The artist, thunderstruck in full youth and in full rise, did not leave nothing to chance.

Yves Klein, beyond the blue brushes the portrait of the artist in his frantic quest for absolute, and explores the meaning of monochrome, the symbolism of its three favorite colors, the importance of esotericism in his life and the situation of the plastic arts in the 1950s.
To decipher the Klein enigma a little bit, and to allow everyone to better understand his work.

Jacques Bouzerand, journalist, specialist in contemporary art at Le Point and Le Figaro, author of the TV series Place à l'art contemporain! broadcast on France 5, regularly participates in the publication of catalogs of contemporary artists.
Editor Éditions A Propos
Lieu Garches, France
ISBN 9782841863358