• Portes closes et œuvres invisibles

Book, 2019

Portes closes et œuvres invisibles

The invisibility of "invisible works" is in no way due to chance, unfortunate circumstances, loss or destruction. They were thought of as such by artists who knowingly decided to offer them to fans without giving them to see, or very little, or for a very limited period of time. Most have a proven material existence. Some neglect the sight and mobilize, within the visual arts, the hearing, the smell, the taste, the touch. As for the works that could be visible if the artist had not decided otherwise, they are hidden, buried or obscured so that we can not look at them. The erasure of the primacy of sight brings about a profound upheaval in our relationship to the "visual arts".
Some of the works gathered in this panorama have already been gathered in exhibitions devoted to the invisible art, notably Invisible. Art about the Unseen 1957-2012 (London, 2012). The most famous, often commented, have been studied by the best critics and historians but never in a global perspective.

French version only.
Editor Gallimard
Lieu Paris, France
ISBN 9782072785689