• Au cœur des abstractions

Book, 2021

Au cœur des abstractions

Marie Raymond is one of the leading artists of the Parisian abstraction of the 50s. As early as 1946, she was one of the few women to exhibit alongside Pierre Soulages, Hans Hartung, Gérard Schneider and Serge Poliakoff. The gallery owners Denise René and Colette Allendy defended her work and she was a friend of Nicolas de Staël.
This book presents the multiple facets of the life and work of Marie Raymond.
For the first time, it compares her painting with that of her many artist friends who exhibited alongside her or who took part in the famous "Marie Raymond Mondays" that she organized at her home between 1946 and 1954.
It also looks at the role played by Marie Raymond on the European art scene as an art critic and supporter of the younger generation. In particular, she was one of the first to support the young artists who in 1960 formed the New Realists group around her son, Yves Klein.
Through the figure of Marie Raymond, this book retraces a part of the history of abstraction after 1945 and its overcoming initiated in the late fifties.
Editor Arteos
Lieu Paris, France
ISBN 9791096854066