• Yves Klein - The Infinite Space

Book, 2023

Yves Klein - The Infinite Space

Yves Klein is associated by many with the special color „International Klein Blue" as defined by the artist himself, but what few know is that Yves Klein also had relations with the international network of experimental artists around Asger Jorn, who was to shape the revolutionary situationist
international movement in 1957. Based on Jorn and Klein's artistic points of contact and their shared interest in thematizing the concept of space in art, this catalogue accompagnies the first solo exhibition featuring Yves Klein's groundbreaking art in Denmark.
The catalogue is almost an Yves Klein multiple. It is beautifully designed as a monochrome blue object, printed with an additional special blue color, and bound with blue thread. The publication features around 50 significant works by Klein, and a number of richly illustrated texts by experts and artists.

Text: Gérard Berréby, Michèle Bernstein, Julie Rokkjær Birch, Kaira M. Cabañas, Guy Debord, Lucas Haberkorn Asger Jorn, Yves Klein, Klaus Ottmann, Mathilde Renberg, Ralph Rumney, Catherine Wyckaert.
Editor Museum Jorn
Lieu Silkeborg, Danmark
ISBN 978-8792307514