• Marie Raymond - Yves Klein  Herencias

Book, 2009

Marie Raymond - Yves Klein Herencias


Herencias is the catalog of the homonymous exhibition organized by the Círculo de Bellas Artes that offers a wide sample of the work of the French artist Yves Klein (1928-1962), traditionally associated with Arman to the so-called New Realism, but also, and perhaps with more reason, is considered one of the main figures of Neodadaism. This is an unprecedented exhibition in Spain, because along with Klein's works are also exhibited not only a few pictures of his parents: the post-impressionist painter of Dutch origin Fred Klein (1898-1990) and the French Marie Raymond (1908-1989) ), who, from a figurative beginning, derived at the beginning of the forties towards an abstract expressionism in the wake of the lyrical abstraction of Kandinsky and the painters of Der Blaue Reiter. We present, then, three pictorial proposals of a divergent and even contradictory nature in the same family environment that we have encompassed, not without certain doses of controversial ambiguity, with the title of Inheritances.

The reason for this ambivalence is evident. All the effort of Klein (his sponges and monochromes, the use of models
naked and smeared with ink like "live brushes", his conceptualization of the so-called "immaterial art" and, in short, his abundant theoretical proclamations, performances and acts of cultural agitation) was aimed at exceeding the, in his opinion, narrow frame of the canvas and the subjective representation that embodied the work of his parents' generation. Pioneer of conceptual art, his disdain of the line and forms for the benefit of a pure chromatism baby of the notions of emptiness of Eastern thought and an eagerness to claim the sensation over the rational understanding.

The catalog is completed with texts by the curator of the exhibition, Nicolás Morales, and by Javier Arnaldo and Robert Fleck, as well as with abundant photographic material and a detailed artistic biography of Yves Klein and Marie Raymond.
Editor Circulo de bellas arte
Lieu Madrid, Spain
ISBN 978-84-87619-34-2