• Yves Klein Embrasure

Book, 2012

Yves Klein Embrasure

Frédéric Prot

The space of a meteoric race of eight years, Yves Klein (1928-1962) implements an intangible art of "marvelous realism", intended to "change the life" by an intimate aesthetic revolution of the person. The works of fire and air give form to this project. The artistic adventure of Yves Klein is one of the most emblematic of the twentieth century. Painting, music, sculpture, architecture, economy, religion, philosophy: it will have invested everything to achieve. Freed from the system of representation and perspective forged in the Renaissance, it resizes art and makes it the great stimulant of existence. Yves Klein develops an aesthetic of the body and the sensitive mind and extended to life itself. Color, immateriality and imagination bring about a transfiguration of reality and a recon- version of values. The man is invited to overcome himself: by making new skin, he puts himself in the presence of a world becoming again creation. Fire as a "universal explanation principle" (Bachelard), destructive and revealing works in the work as the plastic element, metaphor of the immaterial and self-portrait of the artist, Prometheus rimbaldian, seer and thief. A powerful Edenic tropism commands the "marvelous realism" of Yves Klein, who aspires to the advent of a new age: that of the blessed and accomplished humanity, here and now. Each of his works is intended for an intimate experience of this possibility: monochromes, fire girls. The overcoming of paradoxes and tugging of being in an aesthetics of existence.
Editor 5 Continents Éditions
Lieu Milan, Italy
ISBN 978-88-7439-580-4