• Yves Klein - Andy Warhol : Fire Paintings and Oxidation Painting

Book, 2014

Yves Klein - Andy Warhol : Fire Paintings and Oxidation Painting


Published on the occasion of Yves Klein Andy Warhol | Fire and Oxidation Paintings, the inaugural exhibition at Skarstedt Chelsea, this catalogue includes full plate images and details of Yves Klein's Fire Paintings and Andy Warhol's Oxidation Paintings.

Focused on the pairing of the Fire Paintings and Oxidation Paintings, this book catalogues two major bodies of work fundamental to the history of abstraction and essential to the oeuvre of these contemporary masters. Completed nearly twenty years apart, these works had never been exhibited together before the show at Skarstedt Gallery.

Not only are the works a similar scale, the Fire Paintings and the Oxidation Paintings visually and conceptually rhyme via alchemical effects. Employing the most primitive media -fire and urine - Klein and Warhol separately create chemically reactive compositions, which are both mystical and sublime.

Accompanying the reproductions and installation photographs, the book includes the essay “Fire and the Loins” by Professor Dr Cary Levine.
Editor Skarstedt Gallery
Lieu New York, United States
ISBN 978-0-9889300-3-2