• Yves Klein - L'aventure Allemande

Book, 2018

Yves Klein - L'aventure Allemande

Robert Fleck

As Heinz Mack said in one of our many interviews: "Are you well aware that I am one of the last to be able to tell you this? From the Dusseldorf exhibition in May 1957 to the untimely death of the artist in 1962, from the creation of Gelsenkirchen's opera to the Krefeld retrospective, Yves Klein's German adventure was essential in his dazzling career. .
Thanks to the intense exchanges between the French artist and the German artists of his generation - especially the ZERO movement - this story is found here through archival materials and interviews with all the witnesses still alive. Intimately linked to the artistic evolution in Germany, this biography is also an exceptional archive for a double history of art.

Robert Fleck, born in 1957 in Vienna, Austria, has lived in France since 1980. Critic of art and curator of exhibitions, author in 2004 of a double biography of Yves Klein and his mother, the painter Marie Raymond, translated into German, he directed successively the ERBAN - Regional School of Fine Arts from Nantes -, the Deichtorhallen - Museum of Contemporary Art and Photography - in Hamburg, and the National Art and Exhibition Center of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bonn. He has been a professor at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf since 2012, and assistant director since 2013.
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Lieu Paris, France
ISBN 9782490505029