Exhibition, 18 Jun 1982 - 29 Aug 1982

Yves Klein, 1928-1962 : A retrospective

Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, United States

Yves Klein is considered one of the most significant artists of the 20th century. Born in 1928, he died in 1962 after only eight years as an active artist. In this short period he produced a large body of work, including painting, sculpture, writing and documentation which has been assembled in museums, archives and collections around the world.

Klein sought to challenge the boundaries between art and life. He posed questions concerning the nature of art, what it was, is and might be, and consequently challenged the borders and structures that determine a work of art. In his lifetime he did not ascribe to an art movement or school, but his work influenced later movements such as Conceptual art, Minimalism, Pop art and Arte Povera.

This exhibition included over 60 works covering the major aspects of Klein’s artistic production: monochromes, blue monochromes, anthropometries, cosmogonies, sponge sculptures, reliefs, fire paintings and sculptures. In addition, extensive documentation material was included in the exhibition, providing an insight into and understanding of Klein’s world and the questions he raised.

This exhibition was organised by MCA, Museet for Samtidskunst, Oslo, Norway and Sara Hilden Museum, Tampere, Finland and the Yves Klein Archives, Paris, France. Yves Klein was presented in association with the Sydney Festival.