Exhibition, 30 Mar 2013 - 27 Oct 2013

Yves Klein - Claude Parent - Le mémorial Projet d'architecture

Espace de l'Art Concret, Mouans-Sartoux, France

Through a selection of original drawings and the presentation of the model of the Memorial project dedicated to Yves Klein, the exhibition reflects the pioneering and intense collaboration between the artist and the architect and the architectural project that Claude Parent has designed. shortly after the death of Yves Klein, at the request of his mother Marie Raymond and his wife Rotraut.

This exhibition is an opportunity to celebrate this meeting between Klein and Parent, who have gone far beyond simple technical collaboration. Because if Claude Parent collaborated with many artists, in the case of Yves Klein it is an unqualified gift of his talent, a non-critical gift. Claude Parent has voluntarily immersed himself in the world of Yves le Monochrome, he put himself at the service of a company pictorial transcript of his ideas: it is an asymmetrical collaboration where the artist designs and the architectdraws and paints.

After the death of Yves Klein, beyond the expected reminiscences of a shared conception of space, Claude Parent has extended this unique collaboration with a monument project that aims, in his words, "to an architectural interpretation of thought.of Yves Klein in what it proposes of more fundamental ".

Curators: Fabienne Grasser-Fulchéri et Eric De Backer, assistés de Claire Spada