• View of the exhibition "Duet with Artist - Participation as Artistic Principle", Museum Morsbroich, 2017

Exhibition, 21 May 2017 - 27 Aug 2017

Duet with Artist - Participation as Artistic Principle

Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen, Germany

The concept of the exhibition comprises various forms of viewer “participation”. Accordingly, a thought process that the artwork makes us aware of can be just as much part of the exhibition as obeying an artistic instruction or the direct collaboration of people involved.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the relationship between art and life has been to the fore in art. Performances, actions and happenings as of the 1950s saw the process of art production as an integral part of the artwork. Fluxus and body art are central movements that testify to this development. Approaching the subject from these trends, there will also be a documentary section of the exhibition featuring important historical works that encourage viewer participation.

In selecting the works it was important for us to pursue a differentiated approach to participation in order, on the one hand, to allow visitors to view and experience the wide range of actions while also combining them under the theme of the duet, playing together, on the other.