• View of the exbihition "Radicalism in the Wilderness: Japanese Artists in the Global 1960s", Japan Society, New York, 2019

Exhibition, 8 Mar 2019 - 9 Jun 2019

Radicalism in the Wilderness: Japanese Artists in the Global 1960s

Japan Society, New York, United States

This exhibition introduces the radical experiments of 1960s Japanese art, who made groundbreaking contributions to the development of international postwar art. Operating in the “wilderness” beyond the mainstream infrastructure of the art institution, they challenged the established convention to expand the definition of “visual art” through language, performance, mail art, land art, and political art. Their conceptualist projects—at times colorful, imaginative, and playful—were nonetheless inextricably informed by complex social, political, cultural issues of the time, including the Apollo Space Program and the Vietnam War.

Taken together, the core works of the exhibition— artistic and social engagements by Matsuzawa Yutaka, and the collectives The Play and GUN— resonate with global tendencies of 1960s art. Artists with resonating practices to Matsuzawa Yutaka, GUN, and The Play represented in this exhibition include Kawara On, Kusama Yayoi, along with Gilbert & George, Yves Klein, Robert Smithson, Robert Barry, Lawrence Weiner, and Stanley Brouwn.

At this occasion is presented the pressbook by Yves Klein documenting the transfer of Zones de sensibilitié picturale immaterielle to Michael Blankfort, Pont au Double, Paris, February 10, 1962.