Exhibition, 10 Dec 2022 - 16 Apr 2023

Yves Klein - Dreaming in the dream of others

Fondation Opale, Lens, Switzerland

While this aspect had never been explored before, Yves Klein had a lifelong interest in Australian Aboriginal art and culture. Klein's encounter with Aboriginal culture came about naturally, through publications. Illustrations of Aboriginal paintings served as the artist's motifs for several drawings he made in his youth. These drawings, which date from around 1946 or later, form the starting point for this exhibition.
Rather than an attempt at a retrospective of Yves Klein's techniques, this exhibition proposes a poetic approach. Klein's approach to the immaterial, his desire to make visible an invisible truth by using art as a trace between the artist and the world, in which the physical and the spiritual cannot be separated, is a fundamental theme. By choosing daring artistic proposals, Yves Klein opened a new way of contemplating. His art makes the invisible visible.