Exhibition, 3 Jun 2023 - 3 Sep 2023

YVES KLEIN - The Infinite Space

Museum Jorn, Silkeborg, Danmark

The famous French painter Yves Klein (1928-1962) is undoubtedly one of the most internationally influential artists of the 20th century. With his radical, conceptual monochrome images and with his playful performative works, he has since the late 1950s explored space as an aesthetic dimension and contributed to a discussion about the role of art in society after the Second World War.
Yves Klein is associated by many with the special color International Klein Blue as defined by the artist himself, but what few know is that Yves Klein also had relations with the international network of experimental artists around Asger Jorn, who was to shape the revolutionary situationist international movement in 1957. Based on Jorn and Klein's artistic points of contact and their shared interest in thematizing the concept of space in art, Museum Jorn is now presenting the first solo exhibiton featuring Yves Klein's groundbreaking art in Denmark.
The exhibition has been created in collaboration between Museum Jorn and the Yves Klein Archives in Paris. It presents the artist's wide oeuvre with around 50 works on loan from a number of public and private collections. In addition to Klein's distinctive monochrome paintings and sculptures, the exhibition shows, among other things, a selection of experimental Fire Paintings and some of Klein's iconic Anthropometies – some absolute masterpieces and works that have only rarely been shown to the public.