Exhibition, 22 Oct 2014 - 15 Mar 2015

Yves Klein Lucio Fontana Milano Parigi 1957-1962

Museo del Novecento, Milan, Italy

The research of these two artists engages in a dialogue along the exhibition route, arranged according to a precise biographical, historical and philological reconstruction. The display thus compares their main works via thematic and visual juxtapositions, staged with specially designed exhibition solutions.

The exhibition is dedicated to Yves Klein (1928-1962) and Lucio Fontana (1899-1968).Their creative endeavours, interwoven with a surprising personal bond, are described with over 90 works and extensive documentation including photos, period film clips and archive records. Curated by Silvia Bignami and Giorgio Zanchetti, organised in collaboration with the Lucio Fontana Foundation in Milan and the Yves Klein Archives in Paris, and produced by the Museum of the 20th Century - Museo del Novecento - with Electa, the exhibition draws on important loans from Italian and overseas museums.

Curator : Silvia Bignami et Giorgio Zanchetti