Exhibition, 6 Jul 2023 - 3 Oct 2023

Yves Klein - Painter of Space

Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China

"Yves Klein - Painter of Space", the first retrospective in China of the French artist Yves Klein, organized with the Yves Kein Archives, will open to the public on July 6 at the Guardian Art Center, as part of the 17th edition of the Croisements festival organized by the French Embassy.

This exhibition highlights three of the main aspects of Yves Klein's work: monochromy, or the spiritual power of color; the imprint of flesh, the canvas as a receptacle of sensitivity; and emotional power, the essence of art.
Erected in just a few years before his sudden death, Klein's daring work, which anticipates many later trends, is fully in line with current issues in contemporary art.

The exhibition is curated by Archives Yves Klein in collaboration with curatorial advisor Lee Yongwoo.